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Susans experience at the Russell Brand Festival

On this 11th Podcast- Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls and Psychic Show, I gave the titles of my books to new listeners, Moses and Jesus the Shamans, and my Proof Animals Have Souls Series, namely, Proof Animals Have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian.

Jackie’s guest today is an English medium, Susan Leigh. Susan has just returned, as she says a spiritually and physically rejuvenated person from Russell Brand’s 3-day community festival. Russell Brand is an award-winning comedian, author, and passionate activist for spiritual and mental health.

The drug and alcohol-free, Hay-on-Wye, Herefordshire, Wales, UK event had many keynote speakers including Vandana Shiva, (an environmental activist and anti-globalization author who seeks to save food seeds from the exclusive grip of big corporations), Satish Kumar, (a former Jain monk and anti-nuclear activist), Helena Norberg-Hodge (an international filmmaker) Bruce Parry, Wim Hof, and many others who shared their spiritual philosophies with the community. Apart from discussing many of the speakers.

Susan also described her personal, fascinating, spiritually uplifting, and energy-cleansing experience of a sound bath. Susan’s third eye saw predominantly pink with a purple edge, no doubt showing the love that was given off by those who played the musical instruments for spiritual cleansing and healing!

More information about evidence for life after death

Today’s Proof Animals Have Souls & Psychic Show produced through Passionate World Talk Radio; a subsidiary of Global Media Network, provided listeners with more information about evidence for life after death for all beings as a fact of nature. Noting it’s ludicrous and impossible to say some beings survive physical death and some others don’t as all beings possess immortal energy which cannot be destroyed but can transmute in the form of death.

Jackie posed the question of where do you draw the line between one being and another noting humans forget they are biologically classified as primates, mammals, and animals. Jackie’s philosophy is most beings are sentient, all feel pain, and it’s not how intelligent a being is, but can the being feel pain? The answer is yes, nerve endings convey pain to the brain!

Through Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt’s personal mediumistic experiences of human and animal, spirits, and during Jackie’s many years of observational psychical research into evidential mediumship she has amassed to her satisfaction a great deal of evidence proving all beings survive physical death as a fact of nature. Jackie thanked, presented, and discussed the passionate contribution of David from England, who asked Jackie to share his views with listeners on animal slaughter, rape rack breeding, caging, and murdering atrocities carried out by humankind on animals throughout their lives making them live in a Hell on earth.

In summary, David said it’s ‘awareness’ that people lack, and if ‘kind’ people simply knew what tragic lives animals live, at the hands of humans, and visited the blood and guts-soaked hellish slaughterhouses themselves, then they would share his vegetarian and vegan views. Jackie welcomed more lively views and mediumistic accounts to be discussed in future shows.

Jenny and the Poltergeist activity in her home

Today I was fortunate enough to interview Jenny Pearce, a well-known, long-term, English psychic who lives in England.  Jenny’s new website is under construction. Jenny showed me her album of 30-plus years of clients’ letters and newspaper cuttings regarding her psychic work. Jenny is in her 70’s, is married, and has 2 adult children and grandchildren. Her forthcoming new book is called The Soothsayer and her previous book is called Happy Spells for Good Fairies and Ordinary Folk which teaches lessons on the Runes.

Jenny spoke of her psychic experiences since a child, poltergeist activity in her home, and how she sees her pets in spirit just days after their passing. I told Jenny we have so much more to talk about we should do a further interview in the future.

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How Susan tapped into her Mediumistic Abilities

On Todays Show:  Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls Psychic Show welcomes guest, Susan Leigh. Susan explained she was born a medium and had a particular friend, a little girl, named Mandy, until she was 3 ½ years old! Curly, blonde-haired Mandy accompanied Susan everywhere. Susan’s mother even set the dinner table for Mandy who sat beside Susan but only Susan could see, hear and touch Mandy! She was as real to Susan as you and I!

Susan was born in 1966 in Liverpool, UK, around the corner to the home of George Harrison, a member of the famous singing group, the Beatles, the famous four! Other members included John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Star. Susan trained in Outdoor Pursuits Instructor, aromatherapist, and restaurant manager and gained a degree in the USA for marketing and management.

For 9 years Susan backpacked around many countries of the world. Susan explained how she blended with spirit in a clairsentient manner, feeling the love, emotions, and message the spirit communicator wished to convey. Susan discussed seeing spirit animals including dogs, and an occasion when a Buddhist spirit monk overshadowed her and guided her predictive words and actions with a homeless man and his dog.

She touched on her interest in Druidry, helping a person to be in harmony with themselves, open up their intuitive abilities, and learn reverence and respect for all aspects of nature and the seasons. Susan gives spirit messages in Spiritualist Churches and one-to-one readings, proving survival after death for people and fellow animals.

The Spiritual Elephant with its Bejeweled Headdress | Spirit Animal| Healing

On this 10th Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls and Psychic Show, introduced Rev. Christina Parfitt, a minister with the UK and USA-based Humanist Church and the New Christian Spiritualist Society was founded in the UK, by Rev. Lyn Gibb de Schwartz. Christina is a medium who heals animals and people and is a tutor-trainer with the UK, Lancashire District Healing Association, chaired by David Roe. Christina told listeners of her mediumistic background and especially her unforgettable experience of a full, life-size, spirit elephant’s appearance at the funeral of Sean and Bex’s father. They run the Ghost Dimensions Show. She was so entranced by this magnificent spirit elephant with its bejeweled headdress, walking around the coffin, she did not hear the

funeral service and will never forget this amazing mediumistic experience of a splendid full-size spirit elephant. She regularly sees spirit animals and pets, many wishing to reunite and convey their love for their human parents. These spirit animals appear in the garden. and peoples’ homes and amongst the congregation in spiritualist church services.
Currently, Christina with Rev. Sally runs a weekly Stand in Faith, Spiritualist Church on Court Road, Southport, in the northwest of England.



On this 12th Jackie’s Proof Animals have Souls and Psychic Show, I gave the titles of my 3 books for new listeners: Moses & Jesus the Shamans, and my Proof Animals have Souls Series, namely Proof Animals have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian.

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All are Ebooks and Paperbacks on Amazon and other online bookstores. Scholarly, peer reviews are on my website. By clicking on my website book images it takes listeners to the Amazon Book Links.  I welcomed listeners to contact me with their views and questions and thanked listeners for their Amazon and Online Bookshop Reviews.

As a passionate, decades long vegetarian and psychic, psychical researcher myself, today I interviewed Lee Craven, an English mediumistic ghost hunter.  Lee was born in 1979 in West Yorkshire and has a teenage son and daughter. Currently, Lee runs an urban exploring channel on You Tube called “Rhythm Decay Urbex” and in the past he has worked with deceased, international medium Derek Acorah and  West Yorkshire Paranormal Ghost Dimension on Amazon Prime and Sky TV.

Lee gave a heart-warming account for bereaved animal lovers, of his evening sighting of his spirit dog sitting comfortably in her usual place on the house stairs! Tragically, Lee’s dog had passed to spirit earlier that day at the vets. Lee could see his so-called ‘deceased’ dog, that same evening in her favorite spot, as clearly as he could see you or !

I asked Lee to share with listeners some of his most exciting ghost hunting ventures, time permitting. Lee told listeners about his many amazing experiences of Rose, the spirit child who passed with consumption in the 1800’s and the moody old male spirit witnessed at the dog friendly, English pub, built in the 1600’s, named the Old Glen House in Baildon, West Yorkshire. The origins of the English pub’s original, characterful, wooden, ceiling beams were traced dating back to an English ship in the 1600’s! Apart from spirit activity being sensed by Lee’s mediumistic abilities, countless customers over many years, including ghost hunting equipment, have all verified spirit activity in this centuries old English Pub! Time constraints limited Lee’s fascinating description of spirit activity in an 1800’s Stockport, England, Workhouse, where workers were treated like captive prisoners. This building later became an Asylum. Lee does not have a website.


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In the 13th Jackie’s Proof Animals have Souls and Psychic Show I introduced my 3 books to new listeners, namely Moses & Jesus the Shamans, and my Proof Animals have Souls Series; Proof Animals have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian.

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All are on Amazon as Ebooks and Paperbacks. My website book images take you to the Amazon Book links. As a vegetarian, author and psychic and mediumistic psychical researcher myself, today I welcomed Joanne Csaszar to my Show. Joanne from Doncaster, UK, is an evidential medium of 34 years, a psychic reader of the Tarot, Flowers, Ribbons, Buttons, Tea Leaves, and Crystal Ball. Aged 57 with 3 adult children and tragically a 22-year-old son in spirit, and plentiful grandchildren, Joanne worked as a social worker. Joanne’s degree was in urban policy and race relations. Joanne has a beloved Jack Russell who is very much her pet child.

Joanne discussed sensing an orange and brown canary singing, not the typical yellow and green and a spirit wolfhound at her side. The wolfhound was seen by a member of the audience! Joanne debated how crystal ball readings exhaust her and her love of teacup readings and that all people can discover messages! As a 31/2-year-old toddler, Joanne became entranced in front of her burdened grandmother,  shouldering tremendous guilt, that her drowned husband had caused the deaths of 31 other men on the sunken ‘HMS Untamed Submarine’, during World War 2 in Scotland. A deep-sea diver who, did not survive World War 2, was sent by the Admiralty to falsify the evidence against her grandfather by releasing the locked valve! Hating the lie, this spirit entranced Joanne telling of the Admiralty’s guilt! Interestingly, in the 1980’s the Admiralty admitted her grandfather was not to blame for the loss of the men and submarine and had carried out his duties correctly, closing the valve, confirming Joanne’s childhood trance information!


Overshadowed Healing by Discarnate Higher Spiritual Beings

Having introduced new listeners to my website and 3 book titles, Moses and Jesus the Shamans, (Mediums), Proof Animals have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian, with plentiful reviews and sold as paperbacks and eBooks on Amazon, I welcomed Helen Haygarth to my 14th Show.

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. Helen is 58, a mother of 4 adult children, a granny to 3, and was born in Walton, Liverpool, UK. From a slight distance, almost remotely, Helen observes her hands and arms massaging, kneading and healing client’s pain and discomfort as she feels overshadowed by discarnate higher spiritual beings! Helen is a holistic therapist qualified in a wide range of healing treatments and is part of the Federation of Spiritual Healers, UK.

Helen talked of regularly seeing her beloved cat Oscar, particularly around the house, and how an aged client upon departure, pointed out loving Casper the cat in the doorway. The client was totally unaware that Casper is a second spirit cat who is part of Helen’s family. To Helen’s surprise, the client apologized for seeing the cat, whilst Helen said it was so uplifting to know that others see Casper too and that Casper and Oscar are alive in the spirit realms! Helen believes her mother and father did the very best they could for her and loves them very much but feels she had a traumatic childhood leaving her in constant fear, but so began her spiritual quest with her parents as very strong spiritual influencers, although they divorced. To summarize my understanding of Helen’s spiritual philosophy is that she believes the real ‘me’ is not the physical me but the unity of everything and the absence of everything, blended together.

I shared a parallel psychic prediction from my childhood, crying myself to sleep nightly. I feared telling my mother of my fear in case that would make my predictive fear occur. Finally, my mother learned from me that I cried in fear that my mum and/or dad would go out of my life! Soon after, awaking in tears, I had dreamt, I was the only person at my father’s funeral. Shortly after I learned my parents were divorcing and indeed my father did leave my life. Decades later I had a tearful, heart wrenching reunion with my father, a year later, I was the only person at my father’s funeral!

Facebook: Helen Haygarth/Holistic therapies: Include Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candles, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies.

Helen has No website

BLOG 15 NEIL PAYNE 24-8-23

On this 15th Jackie’s Proof Animals have Souls and Psychic Show I introduced listeners to myself as a psychic, psychical researcher, author, lecturer, long term vegetarian for compassionate reasons, my website and invited listeners comments and questions for future discussions.

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. I familiarized listeners with the titles of my 3 books to be discussed in future shows, Moses and Jesus the Shamans (Mediums), Proof Animals have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian.

I welcomed medium Neil Payne to the Show. Neil is single, aged 50 and trained earlier in life in hotel management and as a chef. Neil has worked as a carer for 30 years in Care homes alongside his mediumistic work, offering private sittings and seminars in the UK with medium Karen Wood. Neil lives in Brighton, a British south coast, seaside town. Fearing his mother was being brainwashed that spirit exist by a local spiritualist church Neil went with his mum to the spiritualist church to find out more. To Neil’s surprise, Neil’s grandmother in spirit came through the medium and he saw his grandmother 4 days after her passing! Neil became convinced that life continues after physical death!

I mentioned, grieving, I went to my local Spiritualist Church on the evening my dog had passed to spirit to check she had arrived in the spirit realm and was alright. The medium I had never met before or since told me there is a Jack Russell sitting at your feet, and that there is something unusual about the name Jack, that every time I cry my dog cries and I think it disloyal to adopt another dog, yet it is my duty to! The medium said if I can give another loving home to another animal, then it is my duty to do so! As my name is Jackie, I called my first Jack Russell, JAC, a little girl, called JAC, without the ‘K’! The next day I visited a local animal sanctuary and adopted Sioux my next Jack Russell Daughter. Jac had heart tablets and passed many years later, with cancer, at 13 years old. Sioux passed aged 16, seven months after a cancer had been successfully removed from her spleen, allowing her to enjoy her holiday with us and Edward the dog, in France!

Neil spoke of the range of spirit birds and animals he has seen, heard, and sensed. He shared with listeners the occasion he heard the name Peter being called, simultaneously, he could see a goldfish, realizing this is Peter, the goldfish! He gave this message to a girl in the Spiritualist Church, saying her grandmother in spirit is bringing the fish back with her to show Peter is alright. Jokingly, Neil said it seemed to mean more to the girl that Peter the goldfish was thriving in the spirit realm than her grandmother! Neil spoke of the spirit dog telling the dog’s human parent he should not feel bad at all about adopting a new dog.


After summarily acquainting listeners with my psychic, psychical research background, my  decades long vegetarianism for compassionate reasons, my 3 books, Moses and Jesus the Shamans, Proof Animals have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian and website, I welcomed medium Claire Maria Atkins to the 16th Jackie’s Proof Animals have Souls and Psychic Show.

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Age 60, Claire, living in Suffolk, England, is a mum of adult children, who formerly worked in retail, in Selfridges, London. Claire, a medium since childhood, does private sittings and works as a psychic artist, painting spirit guides, spirit pets and pets on the material plane. She is clairvoyant (seeing), clairsentient (sensing), and clairaudient (hearing). Claire talked of 20 years ago after a traumatic childhood followed by an abusive marriage, being in a dark emotional place, when she had a never to be forgotten experience of her guardian angel, manifesting as a golden light, in human form, which totally saved, and uplifted her.

Claire shared with listeners, a dog communicator from spirit, who showed her his house and telepathically conveyed for the human parent, he didn’t feel pain, granddad met and collected him that he knew to go with human granddad, and that he still goes walks with his human mum, although she doesn’t see him but does hear the spirit dog’s footsteps around the house! Claire talked of returning from the garden centre with a tree and plants, when, to her surprise she telepathically heard the tree saying, “I’m weak!” Claire asked her Celtic Guide to help and after giving plentiful nutrients and water to the tree it became much stronger and if she hadn’t, she realized it may well have died! She also telepathically heard a lavender plant saying; “Please don’t separate me from the other lavender plant, you must plant us together!!”


www.jackiejoneshunt. com

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BLOG 17 KAREN WOOD 26-8-23

Karen Sees A Range of Birds & Animals in Spirit

On this 17th Jackie’s Proof Animals have Souls and Psychic show I introduced listeners to myself as a psychic, psychical researcher, long term vegetarian for compassionate reasons, my website and invited listeners questions and comments. I introduced the titles of my 3 books, Moses and Jesus the Shamans (Mediums), Proof Animals have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian.

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I welcomed Karen Wood, a medium of 30 years, to the show. Karen lives in East Sussex, England and offers private mediumistic readings and teaches seminars on mediumship in the UK with medium, Neil Payne. She is a mum and grand mum and Oscar, Karen’s Dachshund is a much-loved family member! After a difficult, busy day, loving, healing, empathetic, Oscar Karen’s dog, jumps up onto her knee, stares into Karen’s eyes with his big brown eyes and telepathically asks, “mum are you alright?”

Curiosity took Karen to her first Spiritualist Church and Karen shared with listeners some of her countless experiences of spirit animals and spirit birds! Lisa, Karen’s dog used to always greet Karen at the door as she came home. 2 months after Lisa’s passing, Karen saw and heard Lisa and telepathically felt the profound, limitless depth of Lisa’s love and a knowingness that Lisa is alive, and patiently awaits their reunion in time to come in the non-physical spirit realm. Not only does Karen see spirit dogs, spirit cats and spirit horses but a whole range of spirit birds, including pigeons that a pigeon keeper kept!

Karen spoke of clairvoyantly seeing, clairaudiently hearing, claircognizantly knowing, and clairsentiently sensing, and how for her, the fusion of these gifts becomes a clear conversation with a loved one in spirit, whether animal or person. Karen also feels she is sometimes overshadowed by a spirit communicator, and she almost stands back and watches her physical body give an address to the audience.


Tigger, the Loving Spirit Cat Saved Joanne, Ending Her Dark Emotional Time
Today, I welcomed medium Joanne Ward to the 18th Jackie’s Proof Animals have Souls and Psychic Show. Joanne lives in Helensburgh, near Glasgow, Scotland with 2 young daughters. Joanne gives private readings and works in Spiritualist Churches.

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Joanne has a postgraduate qualification in palliative care and worked as a nurse for 16 years in prestigious Scottish hospitals. I lived in Glasgow for over 23 years until recently and was glad to speak to a Scottish person.  Joanne shared her experiences including her frequent awareness of spirit animals who telepathically and clairsentiently communicate their message through her to the animal’s human parents. Joanne described Tigger, the cat who followed her home for many weeks, arriving in her life when she was heartbroken. Knowingly and compassionately Tigger gave Joanne a great deal of love. Later, when Tigger passed away, Tigger in spirit, made himself clearly identifiable!

Joanne told me she had received my name and the title of one of my books during meditation repeatedly this past 3-4 years! We have never met. As a child, Joanne was taught communicating with those who have passed away is wrong. My book Moses and Jesus the Shamans/Mediums, clearly shows the biblical condemnation of mediumship is based on politically orientated mistranslations that led to thousands of young women being burned and tortured in the 16th and 17th Century and still casts a shadow of misunderstanding regarding mediumistic gifts of the spirit today. I prove it was an ancient Hebrew and Jewish cultural tradition for individuals to regularly consult the nation’s biblical prophets, judges, dream interpreters, and seers for predictions and guidance they believed originated from Yahweh. Moses & Jesus the Shamans proves countless biblical prophetic personalities, including Moses and Jesus, prophets, judges and kings were actually psychics and spiritual mediums frequently accessing predictive and spiritual guidance!



Facebook: Joanne Ward  Glasgow Medium

Instagram Joanne Ward  Spiritualist Medium

You Tube Joanne Ward  Spiritualist Medium and Tutor


Today, I welcomed Susan Bowman to the 20th  Jackie’s Proof Animals have Souls and Psychic Show on Passionate World Talk Radio, a subsidiary of Global Media Network. Susan Bowman is a medium and the Vice President of Lancaster Spiritualist Church, England.

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Susan works particularly in Blackpool, Morecambe, Fleetwood, and Lancaster Spiritualist Churches, offering demonstrations of evidential mediumship, private sittings, and trance work. Aged 73, Susan was formerly an engineer who had gender surgery 6 years ago.

Susan shared with listeners the occasion when Harry the dog passed away at home and Harry’s distraught, heartbroken, human mum asked Susan to take Harry’s body and herself to the Pet Crematorium. Upon arrival, Susan clearly heard Harry’s telepathic questioning voice asking, “what are we doing here?” Consoling Harry’s human mum, Susan said nothing until they left the pet crematorium. Travelling home, after Susan’s evident experience of Harry the dog in spirit, Susan advised Harry’s human mum, suggesting she look and listen out for Harry,  who may want to make himself seen and/or heard! Within days, Susan received a phone call from Harry’s human mum, saying she is regularly hearing Harry’s footsteps around the house! The next day, when Susan let her own dog run out of the house into the garden, Susan clearly saw Harry the spirit dog rush in, through the doorway! Concerned, I asked Susan if she sensed Harry the spirit dog was feeling stressed or lost but Susan assured me that she felt Harry was absolutely fine and just enthusiastic to playfully run into the house.

Thanking Susan for her accounts, I then familiarised listeners with my 3 books Moses and Jesus the Shamans, and my Proof Animals have Souls Series namely, Proof Animals have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian. All can be read independently and bought as EBooks or Paperbacks from Amazon and online bookstores. My website has many 5-star peer reviews, by clicking on the book images, listeners are taken to the Amazon Book Links.

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I acquainted listeners with my 3 books Moses and Jesus the Shamans and my Proof Animals have Souls Series, Proof Animals have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian with 5-Star reviews on my website and Amazon. I explained my book Moses and Jesus the Shamans, during the periods when Moses did not hear or see Yahweh, (the spirit guide), he cast stones called Urim and Thummim to learn what he believed to be God’s or Yahweh’s wishes.

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More stones were sewn into Aaron’s priestly garment. Aaron being an eloquent priest but not a medium, like Moses. I gave a brief example regarding the use of the predictive, guiding stones. Each stone was cast to find out from which tribe a thief amongst them was from, finally the predictive stones led them to the thief! My book discusses the politically based, biblical mistranslations that condemn mediumship and psychic abilities when it was an ancient, Hebrew/Jewish, ongoing, cultural tradition to regularly consult the nation’s seers, dream interpreters, judges and prophets for spiritual guidance and predictions!

To Pauline and Tony’s fascination, I demonstrated my Angel Dice Predictive forecasts. They each picked 7 Angel Dice from over 30 Angel Dice and cast them across the cloth which has 5 subsections named, Personal, Family/Friends,  Home, Work and Travel. I explained the  Angel Dice would predict a mixture of major and minor events as it is rare to have 7 major events happening in an approximate 3-month period. Pauline picked a further 7 Angel Dice and cast them for the 3-6 month period, then a 3rd time for the 6–12-month period. Tony Hunt cast 7 Angel Dice twice for the 1-3 months ahead and 3–6-months ahead. These predictions are to be confirmed in time by the sitters but during the castings, both Pauline and Tony said they could understand what the Angel Dice were predicting with regards to the named months which fell onto the cloth and the many events they foretold.

Pauline said she is helping friends move house, storing things in her garage and garden and the ‘House Move Dice’ stood out to her in the Work Section of the Cloth as it is an effort!! When Pauline saw the July Angel Dice stand out, she confirmed July as being of memorable importance in her family. Tony has had a health problem and interestingly he focused on the Angel Dice that most encouragingly told him he was going to have a health boost!! I explained when I cast the Angel Dice for people at a distance, they pick for example Angel Dice 8, 10, 15, 17, 30 etc and then I cast the dice across the cloth on their behalf receiving positive feedback for their predictive accuracy!

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BLOG 21 1-9-23

Steve Saw & Heard Rhinoceros’, Zebras, Orangutans, Lions, Monkeys & Giraffes, the Sitter Turned Out to be a Zookeeper!

After introducing my 3 books, Moses & Jesus the Shamans, (Mediums), Proof Animals have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian, sold on Amazon and other online bookstores as both Ebooks and Paperbacks, I welcomed listeners comments and questions.

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I thanked listeners for their book reviews. Many other 5-star book reviews from academics and my Zoom Talks and TV and Radio Interviews are on my website. If a person clicks on my 3 website book images, it takes you to the Amazon bookstore links.

Introductions over, I then welcomed Steve Hermann to the 21st Jackie’s Proof Animals have Souls and Psychic Show.

Steve explained he lives in Massachusetts, USA, has 4 teenage children and has been in the Spiritualist Movement for 40 years. He offers one to one private sittings, healing, and travels to teach mediumistic development to groups. Steve has written 2 books, Mediumship Mastery the Mechanics of Receiving Spiritual Communications the Ultimate Guide and Mediumship Mastery 2: Advanced Techniques that Work. Both are eBooks and paperbacks.

Steve describes himself as clairvoyant,  claircognizant, clairaudient and as a natural medium since childhood. Over the years Steve explained he has seen, heard, and sensed countless spirit people and a wealth of spirit animals including when he gave a reading to a zookeeper. At that time Steve saw and heard orangutans, giraffes, lions, rhinoceros, zebras, monkeys and more. He said he does not remember messages very clearly after giving them to the client/sitter. Working psychically Steve said he can sense auras.

Facebook Jackie Jones-Hunt Author & Jackie Jones-Hunt