Academic Reviews Proof Animals have Souls Series

Proof Animals Have Souls & 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian

Pure gold! Comprehensive, thought-provoking and paradigm shattering with the power to change lives for the better. Readers’ sensitivity and compassion for all fellow animals will be dramatically elevated whilst they learn that all-inclusive compassion also elevates our compassion and treatment of the human animal with enduring, positive consequences as to how we treat each other.

Those suffering with bereavement by the loss of an animal companion will be greatly comforted with the deeply moving evidence of their post-death survival clearly documented in these pages while all readers will have a deeper understanding of fellow animals and will never again view their animal companions in a limited way. As we are all animals, human and non-human animals, who are we to say one animal survives death and another does not? After all, humans had tails historically and today human fetuses still have tails in the womb and some human babies are born with tails readily evidenced with medical photographs on the internet.

This first generously sized volume is the first instalment in a series which both shockingly evidences animal post-death survival and provides us with the spiritual teachings of non-violence, vegetarianism and all-inclusive compassion of the ancient writers of the Upanishads leading to Hinduism, the long line of ancient Greek vegetarian philosophers, Confucius, the Buddha and Jesus and his first followers.

We also look at the vegetarianism since birth of Jesus’ brother, James, who led the first followers of Jesus, the vegetarian Jewish-Christians, from Jerusalem, in accordance with Jesus’ wishes for several decades before orthodoxy assigned James to the historical scrap heap. Two thousand years of Pauline theology alongside 500 years of Lutheran molding of thought has shaped our misunderstanding of Jesus’ vegetarian teachings.

This fascinating and meticulous research has over 30 fantastic pre-publication reviews from professors, international animal charities and fellow authors.