Academic Reviews Moses and Jesus the Shamans

Jesus the Shaman is comprehensive, non-conformist & paradigm shattering.

This unique, gripping, revolutionary thoroughly researched book astounds the reader as it gives numerous examples of prophets spiritually transformative, mediumistic & psychic experiences, each of which gave birth to and contributed to the birth and development of world religions.

These shamans, mediums, (channels), sages, oracles, mystics and prophets are not only shown to span all ages and the globe but are shown to have founded world religions. Entirely turning the tables on religious orthodoxy and traditional Newtonian physics (but not quantum physics) this innovative, highly controversial, meticulous research methodically draws on primary sources revealing the esteemed spiritual teachers and prophets such as Moses, Jesus, Mohammad had mediumistic gifts. The author has inimitably established beyond question that supernatural communications laid the foundation stones of the world’s religions.

This book unifies the origins of religions under a single paranormal concept and thereby does much to dispel the causes of histories and todays religious strife. Emanuel Swedenborg, the medium to Europe’s royalty & governments taught that thought patterns during physical life determine the appropriate after death landscapes of animals and people irrespective of their religious affiliations.