Jackie Jones Hunt, PhD Mediumship as a Spiritually Transformative Phenomenon

Jackie Jones-Hunt Ph.D. is a UK-based author, psychical researcher into mediumship, lecturer, psychic and long-term vegetarian (for compassionate reasons).

Jackie’s 3 books to date include Moses & Jesus the Shamans (Mediums) and Book 1 and 2 in her Proof Animals have Souls Series: Proof Animals have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian. (All books can be read independently).

Jackie, as Book Review Editor for the Academy for Spiritual & Consciousness Studies Inc. (ASCS, USA) was given her own extensive regular columns in their 2 publications.

Decades-long friend and mentor, Professor Archie E. Roy, kindly wrote the Foreword for Moses & Jesus the Shamans, inviting Jackie onto the Scottish Society for Psychical Research Committee (SSPR) founded by Roy. Jackie was one of the first SSPR members. Jackie was asked to document her own personal, psychic and mediumistic experiences for the SSPR Journal, the Psi Report, Click Articles.

Roy was Prof. Emeritus of Astronomy, Glasgow University, and a former president of the Society for Psychical Research (London, UK) Roy was awarded the Myers Memorial medal for his excellent academic contributions to the field of psychical research.

Jackie drew upon her decades of accumulated research while researching her MPhil (Shamanic, Out of Body & Near-Death Experiences) and PhD. (Investigating Mediumship). Dean Rev. Dr. Elizabeth W. Fenske was her Supervisor who held many prestigious posts including Former President & Former Director of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International & Former President & Editor for the International Association for Near Death Studies. (IANDS), USA.

Her external examiners were Dr. Carl Lindgren (Educationist at Mississippi University, Former Professor: American Public University System. Former Tutor Assessor: London College of Teachers) and Dr. Crawford Knox (Oxford University, UK).

Former acclaimed President of IANDS, Dr Diane Corcoran also researched her PhD at the same unique progressive department and university as Jackie, the Dept of Consciousness Studies and Sacred Traditions, which was authorized to grant degrees and postgraduate degrees by the state of Wyoming, USA.

Jackie’s earlier Degrees & Post-Graduate include Lancaster & Strathclyde Universities, UK. Her Lancaster Professors (& Authors) for Arabic Language, Islamic Studies & Religious Studies (Philosophy & Religions) included Prof. John Bowker, Prof. Ninian Smart, Prof. David Waines, Prof. Arafat, Prof. Kreji & Prof. Raef.

Jackie’s undying passion for observing, compiling, assessing, and drawing conclusions from the many facets of diverse mediumistic phenomena produced by many highly accomplished, astonishingly accurate mediums is both decades long and ongoing.

Jackie feels it is a privilege to watch limitless numbers of astounding mediums demonstrate their abilities on innumerable occasions. She has watched countless demonstrations by many ‘greats’ including, Mary Duffy, Coral Polge, Margaret Pearson, Betty Wakeling, Gerard Smith, Mavis Pittilla, Glyn Edwards, Gordon Higginson and many others. Gordon became a long-term friend and spiritual mentor. Higginson was an excellent medium and psychic and was the long-serving, former President of the Arthur Findlay College, Essex, UK. Jackie was given a rose off Gordon’s coffin at Gordon’s untimely funeral.

Jackie has also studied Ivor James’ encyclopaedic works and the voluminous direct voice trance phenomena of Leslie Flint and other direct voice trance mediums.

Jackie continues to observe a great deal of mediumistic phenomena from many excellent mediums. Jackie describes herself as a psychical researcher into mediumship, rather than a parapsychologist, differentiating herself from some parapsychologists who reduce humankind’s psychic and mediumistic experiences to mere imaginings, emotional disturbances, brain chemical imbalances, or hallucinations.

investigations into Mediumship
Jackie’s books, courses, lectures and articles are the product of her decades-long, ongoing, passion for her investigations into mediumship and her own personal, psychic and mediumistic experiences. She explores the phenomena’s objective evidence for the continuation of life after physical death, the objective reality and accuracy of the communications and their association with humankind’s evolving spiritual quest, from the earliest times, endlessly throughout the centuries.

Jackie searches for the most spiritually advanced communications from the ethically most advanced communicators. Jackie also evidences that many of humankind’s spiritually transformative psychic and mediumistic experiences lie at the roots of many global, religious beliefs and religions, including aspects of the revealed religions!

Jackie’s research, reflected in her writings and lectures, is also rooted in her fascination and explorations in the archaeological unearthing of ancient Middle Eastern sites of spiritual significance.

Jackie has spent over four decades collating and analysing the after-death survival evidence from mediumship, proof regarding the authenticity of the third-party communicators, the phenomena’s implications for after-death survival and mediumship as a method for obtaining ongoing, all-embracing, compassionate, ethically advanced, spiritual knowledge.

Amongst many other aspects of mediumship, Jackie has a passionate interest in spiritually transformative mediumistic experiences, offering to this day, ongoing spiritual teachings and knowledge. Jackie notes that genuine mediums can inadvertently misinterpret all or parts of the communications they receive. She also points out that the spiritual and ethical level of the spirit communicators vary enormously, ranging from the most ethically advanced to the most ethically primitive.

Jackie is a dedicated psychical researcher who has observed and assessed over 40 years of diverse mediumistic phenomena including clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, trance, direct voice trance, levitation, other physical manifestation phenomena including experiments establishing the objectivity of the communicator and accuracy of the communications. Interestingly, she has had countless personal, psychic experiences with predictive knowledge, and personal mediumistic experiences of human and nonhuman animals surviving in the many fluid, ideo-plastic, (malleable to thought) levels and landscapes in the non-physical, spirit dimension.

Jackie, as psychical researcher is also a historian of spirituality, seeking “truth” in the deepest sense, delving into these largely unchartered territories. Jackie’s unique and distinctive research has dug in and beyond, the ancient ruins and scripts, to the original paranormal angelic and spirit sources. Jackie’s writings show that these celestial communicators (or intelligences), delivered spiritual teachings to gifted psychic and mediumistic sensitives from the most ancient of times throughout the millennia and across the globe and these sources have never ceased communicating. How we interpret communications is the question as this is dependent on the level of our spiritual maturity which varies in each historic epoch and culture.

Jackie points out that many humans have forgotten that due to their physical and mental similarities they too are biologically classified as “ANIMALS, PRIMATES & MAMMALS.” Consequently, human animals have come to wrongly divorce themselves from our animal relatives. Physicists state as a fact that energy cannot be destroyed and is therefore immortal and as various phases close, energy transmutes in form. Jackie advocates that all animals, human and non-human, consist of eternal indestructible energy, which she simplistically terms souls, spirits and consciousness. Jackie simplifies understanding, likening the soul at death for all beings to the butterfly flying out of the chrysalis, alternatively, everlasting, undying energy, transmuting in form.

Animals have the same nerve endings as the human-animal. Animals feel exactly the same pain as us if not more due to their other greatly heightened sensitivities including sight, smell and hearing. They too, have emotions, personalities and intelligence and obviously, inevitably fear and feel, suffering and murder just like us. It is a fact that animals, including birds nightly dream just like us, demonstrating Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM Dream Sleep). What nightmares do human animals inflict on fellow animals in laboratories and slaughterhouses as each 4 legged, winged or tailed soul dies watching their families barbarously murdered?

Jackie’s thought-provoking Proof Animals have Souls Series reveals that human animals, brainwashed by our cultural epoch, since birth, have lost sight of the original, undistorted global religious teachings that instruct humans not to harm fellow animals, instead to care for them and the planet herself. Increasing numbers of typically, compassionate human animals’ awareness is progressively being raised regarding animal suffering and genocide and the harm devouring animal flesh and blood causes to our bodies. Swelling numbers are abstaining from eating slaughtered animal body parts disguised by cookery sauces and brainwashing cookery programmes and advertisements.

Naturally compassionate brainwashed humans just don’t see and have no concept of the daily genocide and suffering animals endure at human hands in the multi-billion-dollar animal genocide industry. The list of atrocities is endless including sentient cows on rape racks, calves unable to sit or lie down in dark windowless deprivation chamber boxes, dislocated limbs painfully carrying communities into slaughterhouses as they make their transitions at death, watching each other murdered and dismembered!

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Jackie’s 3 books to date include Moses & Jesus the Shamans (Mediums) and Book 1 and 2 in her Proof Animals have Souls Series: Proof Animals have Souls and 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian. (All books can be read independently).

Moses and Jesus the Shamans

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